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IMG_0269I’m Jessie and welcome to my blog The Girl in Pursuit! I started my blog in February of 2016, titled Journey. I changed it to reflect more of what I want my website to offer – travel advice, outfit inspiration, and my own thoughts. I have always loved following blogs, especially ones about fashion and I wanted to give blogging my own try.

The Girl in Pursuit is a place where I hope I can express my creativity, sense of humor and unique style. I also want to help young women like myself find where they belong in all the chaos and let them know that they are not alone.

A little more about me: I was a news journalism major and english minor at Drake University with a policy in environmental policy and communications. I graduated in May 2019 and I’m now focused on building a life I’m proud of. I love corgis, coffee and reading. Writing has always been a passion for me, and I love telling stories. I studied journalism because as a career, I think it could keep me on my feet, keep me learning and allow me to meet interesting people. I’m also an avid runner and photographer, and I love being outside and trying new foods. I’m definitely big on family, and my boyfriend helps keep me sane (most of the time).

Professional Life

I spent three years working on my campus newspaper, the Times-Delphic (link to my stories below). I worked my way up to Editor-in-Chief my junior year, and has been the best experience of my college career. I worked as a reporting intern at the Herald-News the summer of 2017 and a reporting intern for the Chicago Tribune at one of their suburban papers, The Beacon-News, the summer of 2018. I was also an editorial apprentice at Midwest Living my senior year of college. I worked on an award-winning podcast in 2018 for Urban Plains. See more on my LinkedIn profile. After graduating college, I was a communications intern at Iowa Business Council, and currently I work at Meredith Corporation in email marketing.

Other Fun Facts

Even though I may complain about it, I actually love staying busy. In my free time, you can catch me trying out different coffee shops, journaling or writing my current novel. I love planning out my Instagram, online shopping and planning trips all around the world that I’ll hopefully go on one day.

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