My First Drake Relays Experience


For those of you who don’t know, Drake Relays is a three-day long track meet (AKA a week-long party for us Drake students). In other words, Relays is our homecoming. There are a lot of events held on campus in addition to the track meet. For example, this past week I participated in street painting, which is basically a giant paint fight, went to a free Skizzy Mars concert, and watched the country’s best pole-vaulters compete in the Capital Square building.

For my first Relays, I’d say it was a pretty good time.

Street Painting

One of my favorite events was street painting, the event that kicks off Relays. Despite the cold and the struggle of scrubbing off dried paint, it was a blast. Throwing paint at random people and getting paint thrown on you was a lot more fun than I anticipated. I didn’t recognize many of my friends because they were covered in so much paint.


Pancake Breakfast  

Since running out of meals more than a week ago, I’ve been trying to take advantage of any free food opportunities. But really, anytime there’s free pancakes is a good thing.



Okay admittedly, this was one event I could’ve skipped.


Pole Vaulting

This was a great event to watch. I ran track in high school, so I was excited to attend my first actual Relays track event. All the pole-vaulters were talented and cleared impressive heights.


Skizzy Mars Concert

Despite the rude encounter one of my friends and I had at the beginning of the concert, it was a lot of fun. Skizzy Mars had good energy. Plus, who wants to turn down a free concert?


Track Events

I went to the track meet on Friday and Saturday, and this also was one of my favorite events to participate in. Again, as a former track runner, sitting in the cold and rain during track meets was something I did a lot. It was almost nice to be huddled under a blanket watching crazy talented athletes run on the blue oval. All nostalgia aside, I loved watching the track events.


All in all, my first Relays was definitely one for the books and I can’t wait until next year.

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