Five Spring Essentials

5 Spring Essentials.jpg

Spring weather can be moody- which means you have to be prepared for whatever comes your way, rain or shine.

Rain Boots

Rain boots will be your best friend on rainy (or snowy) days. Rain boots are not just an essential for spring, but really for any season, with maybe the exception of summer.



Yet another essential good for any time of the year, bralettes have been one of my favorite items to wear under sweaters, tank tops, button-downs, et cetera.


Open-Back/Off the Shoulder Shirts

I love these kinds of shirts because they show a little skin without being too revealing. Plus they’re perfect for warmer than normal days.


Baseball Cap

Sometimes pulling a hood over your head just doesn’t cut it. On rainy days when I’m worried about getting my makeup wet, I usually put on a baseball cap before going out because it’s more effective at keeping the rain off my face.


Rain Jacket

I love my rain jacket from Charles River. My boyfriend’s mom gave it to me for Christmas and I’ve worn it probably a hundred times since then.



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