Pink and Denim

It might be spring break, but it still feels like winter. And when it still feels like winter, you should probably wear a lot of layers, especially if you live in the Midwest. I was freezing when my sister took these pictures. I was trying to pretend it actually felt like spring, but it didn’t […]

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Photo Shoot ~ Anna

Yesterday evening I took some pictures of my pal and newspaper coworker. We spent more than an hour taking pictures, trying to get that right shot. As photographers know, there’s one good shot out of every 100. Luckily, we took about 300 pictures – enough to get a few good ones out of the shoot. […]

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Photography Practice

I am by no means a fantastic photographer, but that doesn’t mean I can’t try to learn how to be one! Thankfully, it was cloudy and around sunset when I did this photo shoot, which helped create better lighting. Winter can be a drab time to take pictures, but I think this photo shoot went […]

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Head Shots Galore

Photographing people has to be one of my favorite things. I love trying to pull out a story visually, through emotions and gestures. Luckily, a couple of my friends have allowed me to take pictures of them. Here are some head shots I’ve taken recently, taken on a Canon Rebel T6 and edited in Lightroom.

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