Photo Shoot ~ Anna

Yesterday evening I took some pictures of my pal and newspaper coworker. We spent more than an hour taking pictures, trying to get that right shot.

As photographers know, there’s one good shot out of every 100. Luckily, we took about 300 pictures – enough to get a few good ones out of the shoot. We had a great time chasing down some good lighting around campus.

Photos were taken with a Canon T6 and edited on Lightroom.


When doing a photo shoot, I’ve realized how important it is to put your subject at ease. As someone who isn’t super comfortable in front of the camera (obviously, I would rather be behind it), I understand the value of making sure the person/people you’re photographing are relaxed and confident.

In order to make your subject(s) relax, you have to be at ease yourself. Thankfully, everyone I’ve photographed so far is pretty comfortable in front of a camera, and also people I somewhat know which helps tremendously.

What advice do you have for making subjects feel comfortable in front of the camera?


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