Dresses That College Women Should Have in Their Closet

Dresses (1)

Personally, I love dresses. They take less effort in the morning but look like you put a lot of thought into your outfit. And in college, there’s going to be some events you have to dress up for, and there’s no harm in being prepared.

Here are the dresses you already want to own as a college student.

A black dress- Black dresses are good for almost any occasion, especially for formal events. They’re easy to pair accessories with, and it’s easy to find a nice black dress for a decent price. You’ll wear it more than once, trust me. Favorite store for black dresses: LuLu’s.

Dress from LuLu’s

A shift dress- I used to never even try on shift dresses because I assumed they would look shapeless on me. But I finally caved and bought one, and I actually love how they fit. Also, a lot of them have pockets, and you really can’t go wrong with some extra storage space. Shift dresses can be casual or you can dress them up, so you can basically wear them everywhere, from holiday dinners to class. I love pairing dresses with printed tights and boots.

Dress from LuLu’s.

A dress you can wear to formal events- If you already have a black dress, you’re probably set. But you probably don’t want to wear black at every event you go too (but if you do, that’s cool too). It’s always good to have a nice dress you can fall back on when there’s a formal coming up, or even a date night. A classic fit and flare shape is flattering on pretty much everyone.

Dress (right) from LuLu’s.

A sundress- I love sundresses. They’re cute and low maintenance, so right up my alley. They’re a good casual dress that you can wear to class or run errands in.

Dress (left) from Kohl’s, dress (right) from American Eagle.

Sweater dress- Sweater dresses – the winter version of the sundress. Perfect for staying warm but satisfying the need to wear a dress at the same time. Add cute tights and boots, maybe a scarf, and you’re set.

Dress from Express

Dresses are a necessity for college, with all of the things that happen throughout the year, especially if you’re in a sorority and have things like recruitment or formals to dress up for. Plus with spring already upon us, that means plenty of opportunities to sport a couple of dresses.

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