Bright Colors, Happy Heart

I have been looking for a romper that fits me well and isn’t too short for what seems like a year now. I finally found one from Francesca’s. Link to this romper here.

Of course, this romper didn’t come without a few flaws. The shorts overlap and are barely stitched together – both sides ripped, causing the fabric of the shorts to fly up whenever I moved (there’s an extra layer of shorts underneath, so not a huge deal). Thankfully, I know how to sew and stitched them back together.


I’ve only bought two pieces of clothing from Francesca’s, and I’m honestly a little disappointed with the quality of clothing from there. They have great jewelry, and the clothes are cute, but too expensive for the quality you’re getting, clothing-wise.

I do love this romper, even though I had to fix the seams in the shorts. I usually don’t buy bright clothing like this, but I love how cheerful this romper is. It definitely stands out no matter where you go, plus it’s one of the only rompers that I’ve tried on that has actually fit me well.


I wore a white bralette underneath, since there is a deep cut in the back (you can’t see it here). It peeks out behind the straps just a little, so it added a nice neutral touch.




Photos taken on iPhone and edited in Lightroom (probably why they aren’t that clear).



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