Layering in the Summer


I look out the window, and the sky is blue, filled with pale, heavy clouds. The sun warms the glass, the leafy tendrils of trees float lazily in the breeze.

Fast forward two hours later, and I look out the window again. Rain spatters the window, creating a steady thrum. The wind whips the trees’ branches around, the portrait of contentment ruined by a surprise soaking from above. The temperature has dropped ten degrees, the wind making it feel even colder.


A typical day in the Midwest – sun, rain and sometimes even snow. Dressing for Midwest weather is a learning experience, and it takes some time to master. Your best bet is to layer like there’s no tomorrow. You can never go wrong with being prepared.

Some good pieces to layer in the summer are with are flannels, button-down shirts, cardigans and light jackets. My favorite piece I use for layering is a denim jacket. It goes with everything, and denim is timeless.


I paired my denim jacket with black shorts and a black and white striped tank top. Throw on a pair of neutral block heels or sandals, and it makes for an outfit that you can wear anywhere (unless it’s raining, then you might not want to wear heels).


I love these shoes – they’re really comfortable and easy to walk in, and you can get them for a pretty good price. Link for shoes and rest of pieces can be found at the bottom of this post.



Here’s to hoping that the rest of summer will be nice and sunny (maybe too much to hope for in the Midwest?).

Jacket, tank top (similar) and shorts, shoes (also can find shoes here).

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