Packing for College Like a Pro

I remember feeling overwhelmed when faced with packing for my first year of college. You don’t realize how much stuff you actually need for your dorm until you’re in your dorm, frantically looking for the one thing you forgot to bring.

So, I tried to make it easier on all you incoming freshman, or college students who need a clear list to check off when going through the motions, and made two infographics. The first is a general list of what you’ll need in your room, and the second is a complete and general list of clothes college women will need throughout the year.

Most of this is based on my own experience and what I bring to college, as well as what I saw my friends at school bringing. Happy packing!

What to pack for college.jpg


Clothes to pack for college (1).jpg

One thought on “Packing for College Like a Pro”

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