What to Wear: PNMs Going Through Formal Recruitment

What to wear

I remember looking through tons of different outfits on Pinterest my freshman year before going through formal recruitment. I knew absolutely nothing about how recruitment worked or what it would entail, so looking for outfit inspiration was a huge help.

I go to a small school, so formal recruitment is only three days for PNMs (Potential New Members).

Day one is usually the most casual day. You’ll most likely receive a t-shirt to wear the first day. My favorite thing to pair with more casual tees is a chunky statement necklace. Tucking it into dark shorts, jeans or printed shorts that fit a little looser are good choices to wear for the first day. A denim skirt, like this one here, is also a cute and dressier option. Comfort is the first priority, since you’ll be walking around a good amount!


Day two requires a little more effort. A casual but nice dress, or a cute skirt and top are both good options. You’ll probably want to opt for sandals or flats instead of wedges, since you’ll still be out for a few hours this day. The second picture below is what I wore on the recruiter side last year, to give you an idea of how dressed up recruiters might be on the second night.


Day three, also the last day of recruitment, is the most formal day. Wedges/heels are usually a good pick for this day, but as always, comfort is the highest priority, so you probably don’t want to wear six inch heels. A dress like the one I’m wearing below is a good fit for the last day!



Other things you’ll want to bring along with you to recruitment: a sweater or nice jacket, water bottle and probably a snack. Recruitment can be a long process, so you’ll want to be prepared and ready to go!

Are there any other things you would like to know about formal recruitment? Let me know in the comments!

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