Why You Need Good Running Shoes

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If you are an avid runner like me, you probably already have an idea of how vital it is to own good quality running shoes.

They can help prevent injuries, help you run pain free, and last through many miles. A good pair of running shoes is one you can depend on and feel comfortable in.

It’s smart to switch out your running shoes at least every six months – if you’re putting in a lot of miles, maybe every three to five months works better for you. When I ran cross-country and track, I switched them out every season.

The bright, fun shoes will try to reel you in but try your best to avoid them (there are good quality shoes out there that are cute also!). Nike Free Runs are one of the worst pairs of shoes you could run in. They look good, but are pretty much guaranteed to give you shin splints after a few miles.

Brands with running shoes that are built to last through trail runs and road races are Asics, Brooks and Saucony. Personally, my favorite are Brooks – I buy the Glycerins every time, but I can vouch for the Ghosts and Ravennas also, having used though for a few cross-country and track seasons back in high school.

Running shoes are expensive – I’ve been spoiled the last few years since my boyfriend worked at a running store, but now that he isn’t there anymore, it’s hitting me again how expensive good running shoes are.

They’re completely worth it though. I love running and try to do it often (I aim for three times a week) and a good pair of shoes is the most important thing to bring with you on a run. The next most important thing would be a comfortable pair of socks and clothes that I know I can move in.

When buying running shoes, I usually advise sizing up a half size. Having running shoes that are too tight are the worst. And always try them on in store to make sure they feel right! I’ve been getting the same ones for the last two years, so I already know how they’ll fit. But if you’re looking outside your usual pair, avoid ordering them online. It’s not out of the ordinary to even jog around the store to make sure they fit perfectly.

If you’re new to running and are at a loss as to where to buy running shoes, I recommend Road Runner. They carry a ton of good running shoes, and you can go through a test to see what type of shoe will be best for you. One thing I don’t recommend with Road Runner – the custom insoles. You will live without them and you’ll save some money. They also have a policy where if you don’t like a pair of shoes, you can return them no matter what condition they’re in, if you’re part of their VIP program and it’s within three months.

Disclaimer: This is, in no way, an advertisement for Road Runner, I just know way too much about the company since I’ve bought running shoes from there for years and have had a couple of friends work there.

Happy running friends!

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