What to Wear: Internship

As fall starts up again, so do internships. Business casual can be a struggle, so here’s some style inspiration to help you get through your closet a little quicker before heading to the office.

A white button-down is essential to any closet, whether for casual or for more dressed up days. There are some wallet-friendly options, like this one from Target for less than $8, Kohl’s or Hollister (which is where I got mine two years ago). As you can see from past blog posts like this one here, I wear it all the time.

Also, I love this skirt. It’s from J. Crew Factory (big surprise right?). It was a little big at first – I’m wearing a size two in these pictures – but after I washed it, it shrunk a bit and now fits perfectly. I wore it to my summer internship probably 10 times.

I tend to keep my jewelry simple when it comes to work or an internship, but a statement necklace never hurt anyone. I styled Pura Vida bracelets with this because they add a fun but super subtle pop of color. You can use discount code JESSIESPANGLER20 for 20 percent off of your next purchase too!

Have a happy and productive rest of your Wednesday!








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