The Girl in the Red Rainboots

If you couldn’t tell by now, I am not the best at coming up with titles for my blog posts. The same applies for pretty much every article I’ve written for the Times-Delphic, my campus newspaper, and any story I’ve written for a reporting class.

I’m just not good at summarizing.

Journalism is a very different type of writing – it’s shorter, more concise. It was a challenge to get the hang of at first, because I was so used to writing long, thought-out fiction stories or research essays. Reporting really is an art in itself. You have to try and get a clear message across using the least amount of words possible.

After a couple of years of writing in this style, I think I finally get it. It’s all about simplifying. Simplifying your writing makes understanding easier for everyone else to read, and for everyone else to understand what you’re saying, which is the whole point of writing.

I can never understand why people make their lives harder for themselves. There’s a time and place for your large vocabulary, and when you’re trying to get a point across is definitely not the time, unless you’re just trying to show how pretentious you are.

It applies to life in many ways, too. Simplifying your life is a good thing, it makes for less stress. I have a packed schedule, so making things easier for myself when I can is always a good thing.

Anyway, my friend Juna and I took pictures of some fave fall outfits a few days ago. I’m wearing this sweater from Loft, which is on sale. I love the details of the ruffle cuffs on the sleeves. It goes great paired with a statement necklace and jeans, like I styled it here. Pairing a black sweater with an olive green jacket makes for a *classic* combination. If you’re thinking of buying it, keep in mind it runs big so you’ll need to size down.

Jacket from Hollister, necklace from J. Crew Factory and jeans from Express.













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