Colorado Adventures

For fall break, my boyfriend and I endured the grueling 10 hour drive to Fort Collins, Colorado. The long drive there and back was more than worth it – Colorado is beautiful (plus two of my best friends live there).

One thing I was pleasantly surprised by was how good the coffee in Colorado is. We went to Alleycat Coffeehouse and Silver Grill, and both had great coffee. Silver Grill also has probably the best cinnamon rolls I’ve ever tried.

One of my favorite parts about Colorado is the amount of outside activities available to everyone – there is no shortage of hiking trails and other fun outdoor things. Our first full day, our friends took us to Greyrock Mountain for a seven-mile hike. I wasn’t used to the high altitude (plus I was still a little sick at the time), so I struggled a bit toward the summit. But the views the whole way through were breathtaking (as you can see in photos below).

Another favorite part of the trip was Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. Bear Lake was beautiful, and so was the scenery driving up and down the mountains.

Here are some more pictures from our trip (can you tell I love taking pictures?). Other cool places we visited were Horsetooth Reservoir, the Stanley Hotel and BJ’s (a restaurant). I definitely can’t wait to visit Colorado again.

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