The College Girl’s Guide to Fall Fashion

The college girl's guide to fall fashion

Summer will always be my favorite season, but autumn is a very close second. I love not having to sweat as much on my way to class, layering and being able to consume lots of pumpkin-flavored things.

Fall is such a great time to get creative with outfits. You can start layering, and combining different colors and patterns that in hot weather wouldn’t really work.

Here are some of my favorite fall trends to keep on the lookout for this season!

Blanket scarves. I’m a little late to the party, but I finally bought a super soft blanket scarf from Dry Goods. I can’t wait to try it out with a ton of different fall and winter outfits.

Favorite picks: Target, Charming Charlie, Dry Goods.


Utility jackets. It’s the perfect layer to add on when it starts to get chilly outside, and they come in great colors for fall. I actually have the one from Hollister, and I love it so far.

Favorite picks: Hollister, Forever 21, Old Navy.


Sweaters. Okay, sweaters will never go out of style, but they’re worth mentioning. Trends to look out for – open backs, cold shoulder, lace-up details and bell sleeves.

Favorite picks: American Eagle (lace up details and open back/bell sleeves), Loft, Lulu’s.


Wool skirts. J. Crew’s sidewalk skirt is a classic. There’s others out there, but the ones from J. Crew will always remain my favorite. They go well with button-downs, sweaters, and tights. You can check out one of my past blog posts here to see one of the ways I style one of my sidewalk skirts.

Favorite picks: J. Crew Factory (solid and plaid), Loft, Express.


Booties. My favorite two pieces to pair with booties are fun socks and cuffed skinny jeans. They might have a bit of a heel, but if they’re comfy, you can last all day wearing them.

Favorite picks: DSW, Nordstrom Rack (these are a little more on the expensive side).


Skirts with button details. I’ve been really into skirts lately, if you couldn’t tell by one of my recent posts. I love wearing these skirts with a sweater or even a graphic t-shirt.

Favorite picks: LuLu’s, Loft, Forever 21.


Hope this post helps, let me know what you think in the comments below!

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