Merry and Bright

For some reason, I am way more excited for the holidays than usual this year. I love Christmastime. It makes winter a little more bearable, plus it means that the semester is almost over, and I can go home for a while.

I love getting dressed up for the holidays. It allows for a little more red, green and glitter, which is always fun. Below, I’ve posted the first of my holiday outfits below, even though I probably should be working on homework.

Top from Abercrombie – another good option here from H&M.

Skirt from Dry Goods – I got it more than two years ago, so if you’re looking for a black skirt, Express and this other one from Dry Goods are both good picks. Also, this is proof that staple pieces stay with you for a long time. Somewhat similar tights can also be found at Express, and boots are from DSW. My necklace was in my Rocksbox this past month (sadly, I sent it back today).

My red coat is also a few years old (I will keep using things until they fall apart), so here is a brighter version from L.L. Bean, plus the other colors aren’t bad either.








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