Sparkling Sunset

I’ve always had this thing for glitter since I was little. I’m just drawn to sparkly things, and I can’t really explain why.

So it was no surprise that these glitter leggings from Aerie caught my eye, perfect for my series of blog posts involving holiday outfits.

I’m a little weary of sequins – they’re cute, but are prone to falling off and I can’t get myself to trust a piece of clothing that’s completely covered in sequins (one day I will though). So these leggings were perfect, and also only around $13 at the time (they’re around $20 now). They’re really comfortable, and aren’t too sparkly for everyday wear.

I wore them to go Christmas tree shopping with my family. We started getting a real tree a couple of years ago – before that, we always had a fake tree. I have to say that nothing really beats a real tree, it makes the room smell great and just looks better than a fake tree. Plus, picking it out is always a good time.

Anyone else have a preference with real or fake Christmas trees? Let me know in the comments, I love hearing from you all!









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