Looking Back on This Semester

I just finished my fall semester of my junior year, and it was actually the best semester of my college career so far. I didn’t take as many classes as I usually do, and even though it was a stressful past couple of months, I also had a great time.

The most significant part of my semester was definitely being Editor in Chief of my school newspaper. It has been hands down the most rewarding experience I’ve ever had. Seeing that paper come out every week, and knowing you and your awesome staff all worked hard to get that out on stands is such a great feeling. I did some good reporting, and learned so much about being a leader.


I also had the opportunity to travel more than usual this semester – I went to Fort Collins, Colorado for fall break and climbed my first mountain and went to my first National Park. I traveled to Dallas, Texas for the National College Media Convention and was inspired to be a better student journalist. And in January, I will be doing a class abroad in first Portugal, then Spain. It will be my first time flying somewhere over an ocean.


Of course, this past semester wasn’t all good times – being in a leadership position is stressful, and you can feel lost a lot when it comes to managing a staff. I had times where I felt lonely and disconnected from those around me. I struggle with making close friends and keeping up with those friendships, which leaves me feeling a little unmoored at times. It’s something I know I really need to work on next year.

Even though I wasn’t taking a lot of credits, I still definitely struggled with keeping up with school. But now I finally realize how much more important so many other things are besides school and doing homework. You have to take a break sometimes, and choose yourself every now and then. It’s okay every now and then to watch an episode on Netflix when you have something due the next day, or to go out on the weekends even when you know you have a million things to do by Monday (it’s not like you’ll be doing homework on a Saturday night anyway). It’s okay to choose to go live your life and do what makes you happy before settling down to finish up your to do list.


It was a great semester though, and I’m actually excited to see what adventures next semester will bring, no matter how difficult they may seem.

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