Looking Forward to a New Year

I love the idea of a new year and a fresh start. There’s something revitalizing about waking up on January first, with a whole year stretching ahead like a blank journal, waiting to be filled.

And in honor of 2018 coming up in a few days, I thought I would just list some goals for the new year:

  • Continue to focus on being happy and self-love
  • Stay healthy, mentally and physically
  • Stay positive and grateful, and work on being optimistic, even in tough situations
  • Continue to improve my photography and writing, and hopefully finish my second book!
  • Work more on Girl in Pursuit, and grow my blog and following
  • Go on more adventures
  • Grow into a better person

And for the heck of it, some fun bucket list type items I’m hoping to accomplish in 2018!

  • Visit Spain and Portugal (set to leave in a few days!)
  • Head down to Nashville for a few days with friends this summer
  • Start my senior year of college
  • Finish my year of being EIC of my school’s newspaper
  • Go on some spontaneous adventures
  • See Taylor Swift in concert
  • Visit more coffee shops I haven’t been to before
  • Maybe try to get one of my books published
  • Write as much as I can

Happy New Year!

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