Here Comes the Sun

Spring is almost here – the days are stretching longer and the air has that exciting feeling of change, like something wonderful is about to happen that only comes with the switch of seasons. Stark trees hold the promise of new life, just biding their time to start blooming.

Spring means new growth, and I’ve decided to go back to the goals I made in the beginning of the year to get a refresh, and reflect on whether I’ve been living in pursuit of those goals. I’ve been more determined to make some happen than others, but the year is still young.

Winter always leaves me feeling a little bleak, so I’m glad the weather is starting to be more forgiving, and there’s the promise of not having to wear a bulky winter coat for much longer. With the change of seasons comes a renewed sense of purpose, and a realization that I might need to kick it up a notch in my classes, since this is around the time that midterm grades come out.

Anyway, less snow and gray days has me feeling the need to break out some of my more brightly colored items in my closet. This yellow cardigan I got from J. Crew Factory last summer seemed like the perfect piece to bid farewell to winter. My button-up shirt is also from J. Crew Factory, and my Harry Potter ring is from Alex and Ani.


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