What to Wear: Farmers Market

I’m all about a good farmers market. I just love walking around outside with friends or family, looking at all the flowers and food that’s out. And what better time to show off that cute outfit that’s been at the back of your mind all week?

So I pulled together something simple and comfortable for walking around, something that you probably already have in your closet. My shirt and jeans are from American Eagle, but old, and my sandals are from DSW (and also old).

But you can find similar tops like this tank top from American Eagle or this tube top from LuLu’s.

I think one thing I struggle with when it comes to blogging and following other bloggers on social media, is that they throw together expensive outfits that a lot of us can’t afford, or wear something once and you never see it again.

For many of us, that just isn’t realistic. We can’t go out and buy new outfits all the time, only to wear them once or twice. Especially us college students. I try not to spotlight anything super expensive or unattainable, because it’s just unrealistic.



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