Where to Go in Nashville

Where to Go in Nashville

There’s a ton of cool things to do in Nashville, Tennessee. From spending time outside in a state park to hitting up Broadway at night, you won’t easily get bored.

There’s also plenty of free things to do too, which is perfect for people traveling on a tight budget, like my friends and I did.

Places to See

The Parthenon/Centennial Park – Centennial Park is a pretty place to take a walk and take some pictures. The Parthenon is also really cool. It’s a replica of the Parthenon in Greece, and you can go inside and check out the museum (definitely on my list if I go again). There was also an art festival going on while we were there, so definitely check out any events that might be happening during your trip.


Grand Ole Opry – This place is huge, and it’s easy to spend quite a bit of time exploring this place. It’s basically a tiny town, complete with shopping, a hotel, gardens and restaurants, all under this giant dome. It’s free to just walk around, which will be a relief for your wallet.

Radnor State Park – Something else that’s free is to take a hike through one of the many nature parks around the Nashville area. We got this recommendation from one of our Uber drivers, and I’m glad we followed his advice, because this place was really cool, and it turned to be one of my favorite things we did during our trip. Make sure to check out the aviary they have there too.

Third Man Records – This place was actually much more interesting than I thought it was going to be. We happened to be there at a good time, because there was a poetry reading scheduled for later that we found out about while browsing around the store, and it turned out to be the perfect rainy day activity.

Broadway – If you’re going to Nashville, Broadway is a must. There’s a ton of bars lining the street, and the neon lights, live music and energetic crowds is more than enough to get you hyped up for the night.

Cheekwood Botanical Garden – We didn’t make it here, on account of a pretty steep entry fee, but it looks beautiful in pictures. It’s also on my list for any future Nashville trips.

Mural hunting – This was another one of my favorite things I did in Nashville, because I got to explore more of the city with one of my best friends, and take a ton of cute photos (check out my Instagram @thegirlinpursuit to see some of them). There’s a lot of murals in the Gulch, and in the Hillsboro neighborhood. Many of them are within walking distance of each other, which is nice.

The Gulch – Speaking of mural hunting, the Gulch is a really nice area for other things besides finding the famous angel wings. There’s plenty of restaurants and low-key bars, plus it’s just relaxing to walk around and window shop.



Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 11.50.04 AM.png

Sunflower Cafe – I really liked this restaurant, mostly because after tagging along with my meat-eating friends at barbecue restaurants and only being able to order sides or salads, it was nice to get something more substantial. Everything in this restaurant is vegetarian, so if you’re needing a veggie burger, I definitely recommend this place.

Bar-B-Cutie’s – If you’re not a vegetarian, this is one of the barbecue places we went to that got praise from my friends. The sides were good too, and it was a much more relaxed atmosphere than some of the other barbecue restaurants we went to.



Nudie’s – This was my favorite Broadway bar we went to, mostly because it was perfect for dancing, and we got to hang out on the rooftop (most Broadway bars have rooftop space). This bar didn’t play country music the whole time either, and even though I love country music, I also love variety.

Tootsie’s – I liked this bar a lot too, mostly because the live music was incredible the night we went. The drinks were expensive, but strong.

Whiskey Row – I definitely recommend this bar for good views and the many floors that have different music playing on each one. The rooftop is good for pictures – it’s the tallest of all the bars on Broadway.

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 11.54.32 AM.png

Jason Aldean’s Kitchen and Bar – We ate here our first night, and while we were waiting for a table, we bought some drinks and hung out on the rooftop for a little bit. Definitely a fun bar scene, but the food wasn’t as great as I hoped it would be.

Let me know your favorite Nashville spots in the comments!

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