Snapshots from Mexico

Even though I’ve been back home for nearly a week already, I’m still missing my time in Cancún, Mexico. I love traveling, and Mexico makes the third country I’ve been to this year (which is exciting!). I’ve been feeling the urge to just go and travel a lot more lately, and I’m chalking that up to my looming college graduation date. Even though it’s a long way off, it’s making me realize that there isn’t a whole lot of time left before I will really have to watch my spending, which means not being able to travel as much.

One of the reasons I love getting out of the states is that I get to learn from other people, and see other ways of living. This sounds so cliche, and you’ve probably heard this from every other travel blogger, but getting out of your own country really opens your eyes to other ways of life. Being from the U.S. in particular, it’s interesting to see the affect the U.S. has on other countries, and makes you realize where the U.S. stands in the world. Basically, it makes you realize that just because countries do things a different way than your own, doesn’t make them any less better.

Anyway, here are my favorite photos from my travels in Mexico, mainly Cancún and Isla Mujeres.

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One thought on “Snapshots from Mexico”

  1. I love your photos! Such beautiful colors. Mexico is a wonderful place. Next time you are in Cancun, consider going to Tulum for a couple of days. It is a really unique jungle vibe.

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