Different Sides to Style (You Should Show Them)

One of the things I love about fashion is how easy it is to change your look based on how you feel. On my blog and Instagram, I tend to showcase more of the “preppy” outfits I wear, but I don’t dress like that everyday.

Fashion, in my opinion, is one of the best ways to express yourself. If I want to feel polished and put together, I’ll put on a button-up and jeans. If I’m feeling a little more on the edgy side, I’ll wear black jeans and a dark sweater or crop top. In fashion, there are no shortage of ways to switch it up based on how you feel.

When I first started this blog, I was reading a lot of blog tips and dos and don’ts. One of the consistent things I heard was to keep your topics more narrow, aim for a niche audience and if you’re going to start a fashion blog, focus on a specific style.

This has worked incredibly well for many other fashion bloggers, namely Sarah Vickers of Classy Girls Wear Pearls for her New England prep and Mary Seng of Happily Grey for her sleek and usually monochromatic wardrobe.

But, I’ve found that this just doesn’t work as well for me. At first, I focused heavily on a more East Coast preppy vibe, full of colorful pieces. While the color has definitely stayed consistent, everything else has not, and that’s okay. That’s how I prefer it. Style evolves, and it’s difficult to stick to a specific style all the time, even if it is just for Instagram.

Many other bloggers I follow have mentioned similar things, about how their style differs much more in real life, and that they’re not always wearing houndstooth vests and sweaters layered with button-ups underneath. And I love it when bloggers show different sides of their style, because them seem so much more real.

Also, a side note: why do bloggers usually wear super expensive clothes? I get so annoyed when I follow a link to something I like off a blog post and realize that a dress or sweater is around $200 for no apparent good reason. Bloggers, please link to more affordable clothes.

Anyway, if you’re a fellow blogger reading this, or if you’re thinking of starting something related to fashion, remember that it’s okay to show different sides of your style. Let me see your preppy side, your chic side, the clothes you thrifted. Let’s stop with this idea of having to narrow yourself down online to please others.

Dress from Lulu’s (the blue is sold out, but they have some other colors), shoes from Macy’s (not a lot of sizes left, I apologize), hat from a shop in Mexico. You can find a similar dress here from Lulu’s. A similar hat can also be found here.



Ah, yes. A picture is never complete without your beat up Camry in the background.


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