Fun Things to Do in Cancun, Mexico

Fun things to do

Both of my blog posts last week were about Mexico, but I love writing about travel-related things, so here’s another one.

There’s so many things to do in the Quintana Roo are (where many popular tourist destinations in Mexico are!). I actually felt that my family could have stayed longer, but I guess this just means we’ll have to go back one day (wink, wink).

You should not, by any means, stay at the resort for your entire vacation. A lot of people seem to do that, which is fine, but you will have a much better time if you venture away from your resort.

Take a day trip to Tulum. I really wish I had the chance to go visit Tulum while I was in Mexico because it looks so cool in pictures. I definitely recommend taking a tour to visit Tulum, since I’ve heard pretty positive things about it.


Head to Isla Mujeres. This island off the coast of Mexico was so full of life and color, and was one of my favorite days of our vacation. The beaches are beautiful, and the streets are lined with colorful buildings and authentic restaurants with good food. I recommend not doing a tour for this, and not renting a golf cart, like many tourists do.

Spend some time in downtown Cancún. Take the bus and head downtown for a ton of restaurants and shops. There’s a flea market that’s worth going to (don’t forget to bargain if you’re actually thinking of buying something).


Spend a day at the beach. Chances are the beach is one of the main reasons you went down to Mexico, but I was surprised at the amount of people who stayed at the resort pool and never seemed to venture down to the beach (you couldn’t swim in the water most days, but still).

Visit the Mayan ruins. It’s also probably best to go on a tour to see the Mayan ruins. Chichen Itza and El Rey are notable locations (Tulum also has cool Mayan ruins).

Take a dip in a cenote. These natural pools are supposed to be super cool to swim in. They formed after caves collapsed inward, and the water is supposed to be beautiful.

Hopefully this helps you narrow down what you want to do on your next trip to Mexico!

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