Reflecting on This Summer

Looking back, this summer has been a good one. It was definitely a learning experience, where I found out more about myself and what’s important to me, as well as learning what I need to improve on.

First, this summer helped me learn more about being a *real* adult. I bought my first car, and going through all of the paperwork was dizzying but also helpful, especially with my dad by my side to help explain all of it. It felt like buying my freedom to go wherever I want, which will be especially helpful at school.

I also had a full-time reporting internship, which definitely helped me become a better writer, a lot of times just by reading the edits the copy editors made on my stories.

Speaking of writing, I was able to work on my novel a lot, but this also led to endless frustration and getting stuck at certain parts throughout it. I give published authors so much credit, writing books is so hard and time-consuming. It’s easy to go from “wow my ideas are great” to “wow, I really suck at this.” Sometimes I feel like I need a huge sheet of paper just to plot everything out.

I traveled out of the country to somewhere new (Cancun, Mexico) and road tripped to a new place (Nashville, Tennessee), which was a ton of fun. That makes three countries I’ve visited so far this year, and traveling this much has just made me keep wanting to do it, but we’ll see how that goes once I have more bills to pay for a year from now.

A lot of self reflection has been going on this summer. I’ve been anxious from time to time, and money is starting to become a more stressful part of my life, especially seeing how soon I will be paying my student loans off, and how I will be looking for a real job this next year.

I’ve been trying to let go of things in the past, especially really small stuff that don’t matter anymore. My mom told me recently that I have a hard time letting go of things, which is so true, especially when I feel like somebody has “wronged” me in some way. I’ve been trying to let the past be the past, and after talking to two of my close friends recently about things that still bother me from years ago, I felt like maybe it’s finally time to let this stuff go and leave it in the past where it belongs.

I’ve also been catching myself being more critical of others, and I have to remind myself to keep an open heart and mind, especially when others have different ways of how they see the world and how they want their lives to turn out. I’ve always been a big believer of just letting people do what they want as long as it’s not harming anyone else, and I need to start reminding myself of that again.

My goals for my senior year of college include:

  • posting more of what makes me happy on Instagram and not what I think other people would want
  • keeping an open heart/mind
  • kick ass at my apprenticeship
  • graduate with honors
  • travel somewhere new
  • save money
  • continue to make time for myself
  • be a better friend/be more supportive
  • find a real job
  • continue to practice photography
  • continue to edit/write my novel and hopefully finish it

I can’t wait to see what adventures these next few months bring!

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