What You Need to Remember

What you need to remember is the how it feels to lift your head to the night sky and see the jagged edges of the stars tearing points of light through the dark, the feeling in your chest after you’ve finished something you were nervous for, the way you watch the ocean lap on the shore as though trying to soothe it.

You need to remember that somehow everything works out in the end, and that you need to keep writing. You need to hold close the feeling of triumph, pain and failure in order to move on, you need to keep the swelling of your heart from disappearing, and allow yourself to feel what you need to.

You need to remember how the June sun feels in winter, when you close your eyes against it and let it soak into you, and the way the rays stain red light on the inside of your eyelids. Let the memory carry you through the chill and the wind until you reach the break in the chapter, to the beginning of a different story. You need to remember the feeling of magic and butterflies in your stomach like you did when you were still young enough to play outside and ignore the damp coolness of October. Don’t forget the way you used to lead without fear or worry of looking weak.

Remember how the words made you feel, of every book that cut out a hole of your heart and filled it with a story. Hold on to that feeling of putting a book down, immediately grabbing pen and paper after to let loose the wave of words inside you, brought to life by the whirling and sleeplessness of your own mind. Keep the feeling of quiet power, the knowledge that you’ll be someone, something one day.

You need to remember this, because the world will try to stamp out what you know is true, what you think your value is.

And the world decides nothing for you, only you can do that.


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