What’s in My Bag

I can be gone on school days for hours, so I always make sure I have everything I may need for the day in my backpack. I hate forgetting things, especially if I have a long day ahead of me. I’m always making lists of what I need to bring with me and leaving sticky notes around my room to make sure I have everything. So I created this list to help other college students not forget any essentials either.

Planner. I would be lost without my planner since I can be forgetful, so it goes with me everywhere. My favorite is from Michael’s, and it comes with a stickers, so that’s a big plus. You can find a ton of cute ones here.

Water bottle. Stay hydrated, ladies. Get in the habit of bringing a reusable water bottle in your backpack (environmentally friendly and healthy!). My favorites are my Hydro Flask and Kate Spade bottle. Find my fave Hydro Flask here.

Lunch if needed. If you’ll be on the run during lunchtime, it’s good to bring food along. I have a reusable lunch bag from BYO and you can find two options from Target here.

Advil (or other painkiller). I tend to get headaches when I’m stressed or just too tired, so I usually carry Advil with me just in case.

Small comb/brush. Along with a small brush, I also usually have lipstick, lip balm, extra pads and tampons, hair ties and eye drops or contact solution on me, usually in a small bag, perfect for any essentials you might need.

Laptop. For obvious reasons. I also bring along my laptop charger.

Other technology needs. This usually consists of my phone, earbuds, and a phone charger. Sometimes I’ll carry a SD card, an external hard drive or a flash drive as well.

I know this sounds like a lot, but I stash all of this in a decently large backpack, so that helps. I am definitely a “I’ll probably need this later, so I’ll carry it around with me for weeks” kind of person. What can I say, I like to be prepared.

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