Packing for Atlanta, Georgia in the Spring

Atlanta is beautiful in the spring. I was there in late March, and we had sunny days in the high 50s and 60s. We were lucky with the great weather, but it does get rainy in the spring down south.

This packing list depends on what you’re trying to do while you’re there, also. Either way, bring a good pair of walking shoes.

Light jackets. For my spring break trip, I took two light jackets–a denim jacket and a leather jacket, which is a tad warmer. Depending on when you’re going during spring, you may want a rain jacket, or just a cardigan if you’re going later in April.

Good walking shoes. I mentioned this earlier, but bring shoes that you can be comfortable in for hours. Atlanta is spread out, and you’ll be using Uber or Lyft a lot. But when you’re not trying to spend money on calling a ride, you’re going to have to walk some far distances.

Sweater(s). A thick sweater can take the place of a jacket on a warm day. I wore a sweater with a skirt when it was in the 60s, and felt fine the whole day.


Something a little dressier. This is a great place to try out some different outfits, especially nicer ones for dinner and/or going out. I packed a jumpsuit, denim skirt and some nicer tops for days/nights out.


Sandals. I was worried about it being too chilly for sandals, but most days we were there, it wasn’t.

Pants. I brought one pair of jeans and a pair of loose-fitting black pants for walking around, and leggings for hanging out at the AirBnB/flying to and from Atlanta. I would stick with bringing basics for bottoms that can go with nearly any top you pack, just so you’re not bringing a whole lot.

Mix of short-sleeve and long-sleeve tops. Bringing tops that you can easily layer are best since it can be chilly earlier in the day but quickly heat up in the afternoon. Long-sleeve tops may be best for nighttime, if you’re traveling in March.


That’s about it, I hope this helps with packing for your next trip.



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