Baha Mar Grand Hyatt Review

A little more than a week ago, I came back from the Bahamas and was thinking about what kind of blog posts would be the most helpful to people. I figured a review of the hotel my family and I stayed at could be a good idea–so here we are.

First, this hotel is huge. There is the Grand Hyatt, with two buildings (east and west), then Baha Mar SLS and Baha Mar Rosewood, two hotels hanging out on each side of the Grand Hyatt. There are a ton of pools scattered around the grounds, plus restaurants, both in the hotel and close to the beach. There is also a pier leading off the beach, where you might see a few boats docked on the turquoise waters.

First, let’s start with the positives.

IMG_5675My favorite two parts about the hotel were the pools and the beach area. The pools were all amazing. My favorite was the one with the pool bar (H2O), not just because of the bar, but because of the palm trees rising up nearby, the benches for sitting in the pool and how big it was.

I also loved the expanse of beach and the pier–but people just threw their garbage anywhere on the beach, which was really disappointing. Not the hotel’s fault, just an unfortunate side effect of a lot of humans in the same place. The ocean was gorgeous though, and I loved walking on the pier. Early morning and sunset are some of the best times to be on the pier. Another downside to the beach was the chairs packed so closely together, making it feel like there wasn’t a whole lot of space to just be.

The food was also good–but everything at this hotel was insanely expensive. I definitely reccommend leaving the hotel, unless you’re trying to get in debt. Or if you’re a millionare or something. 


Let’s go over food quickly:

We hit up three restaurants while we were there. Apparently for most of the restaurants you need to make reservations way in advance. Well, we did not do that and so we couldn’t really go to any of the restaurants (lol) which I thought was inconvenient on the hotel’s side. This was one of the times the hotel felt like it was trying way too hard to be swanky.

The first we went to was Stix, a noodles bar that was really good. It’s one of the cheaper options and you don’t need a reservation. We went here twice, it was that good. Sorry for the low quality photo, cameras get heavy to carry after a while.


Another place we went to that was close to the beach was Da’ Poke Bowl, which was also so good. I love a good poke bowl. Also, a fairly healthy choice.


The third was Cafe Madeline, a French cafe and bistro. I never actually got a meal here, although I wish I had because the food looked amazing. I did get macarons, which were also worth getting. Also, look how cute it is.


Now, the rooms:

I’m fine staying almost anywhere as long as it’s clean. But for a luxury hotel, as they advertise it, the rooms were really small. The price isn’t too crazy a night, but you have to pay a lot of extra money for an ocean view, and you have to pay extra for an average-sized balcony. The rooms were still nice, though. And the complimentary waters everyday was nice. While we were there, I had the feeling that the hotel was just trying to cram as many rooms as they could into each building.

And that’s about the end of it. I think I would give the Baha Mar Grand Hyatt a total of 3.75 stars. The property itself is wonderful and offers a lot, but the rooms are small and everywhere inside the hotel is hella expensive. But it’s hard to not have a good time here with everything going on, and of course, the beach being so close.

A few more photos to close this out:



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