Road Trip Essentials

I love to be in the car, although not for an extended period of time. Nothing beats staring out the window and listening to music while taking in those highway sights. Since my family lives a decent amount of time away, I now consider myself a road trip expert.

Hours spent in the car have way more potential than you think they do, and can be productive, mainly if you’re a passenger. Sitting in the car doesn’t have to be all boring, so I’ve made a list of road trip essentials and some of my favorite things to do to stay entertained.

If you’re the passenger

You have way more freedom to get things done and reflect. But, you don’t have anything to focus on, like driving. Here is a list of things essential if you’re a passenger on a road trip:

  • Food (duh). Some healthy options: cut veggies and/or fruit, crackers, or granola.
  • Earbuds for listening to music, podcasts or an audiobook.
  • A book (unless you get carsick easily)
  • Notebook or journal. I like to use long car rides as a way to journal and reflect on how my life in general is going at the moment. Or maybe doodling or drawing is your thing. Whichever it is, keeping your hands busy helps pass the time.
  • If you’re a student, maybe this is a good opportunity to get some homework or studying done. That way, these few hours feel a little more productive.
  • Water bottle
  • Jacket or sweatshirt.
  • Pillow for those extra-long road trips.
  • Hair things for when you get sick of having your hair down.
  • Contacts case and glasses if you need them.
  • Hydrating facial spray to feel refreshed when you get to your destination, or just to wake up your skin halfway through. My favorite is Grace and Stella’s Rose Spray (not an ad, I promise lol).

If you’re the driver

There isn’t a whole lot you can do besides keep your eyes on the road. But, I like to use long drives as an opportunity to try to learn something new via podcasts.

  • Having podcasts queued up that will make the time go by faster. Or maybe an audiobook is more your speed.
  • Food, in easy reach. Same goes for water.
  • Sunglasses, to keep the strain off your eyes.
  • Hydrating facial spray to feel refreshed while driving/when you get to your destination.
  • Coffee, to help stay alert (not great for avoiding using the bathroom, though).
  • Having a music playlist ready to go when you want it.
  • Sweatshirt or jacket.
  • Hair accessories and/or a baseball cap.
  • Glasses (if you use them), just in case your eyes get dry from focusing on the road.
  • Pain killer of choice, when staring at the road gets painful.
  • Hand sanitizer, to use after filling up your gas tank.
  • Something that helps you relax, whether that be a fidget toy or essential oils.

Does anyone have a fun road trip coming up? I’d love to hear about it!

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