Fall Outfit Round Up

My *second favorite* season is nearly officially here. I’m excited to start layering up, but will dearly miss summer days. I’ve got a lot of fun content planned, so make sure to follow me on Instagram @thegirlinpursuit! For a while, posting on Instagram felt more like a job than anything else, but I’m starting to have fun and be creative again, and I’m excited to make my visions come to life on social.

I’ve rounded up my favorite fall outfits for plenty of autumn inspriation. I’m looking forward to seeing shades of pink, red and gold, along with houndstooth and plaid prints. Also keep an eye out for cordoroy (skirts, dresses and jeans), belted cardigans and wide leg pants. My favorite go-to during the weekends (as you can see below) is a skirt and sweater or jacket and I’m not anticipating for that to end any time soon.

Fall classics that will (hopefully) never go away: booties, stripes, denim skirts, layered necklaces and button-ups in neutral colors.

What I’m loving lately: bell sleeves on anything, sweaters with balloon sleeves, mockneck tops, cropped sweatershirts/sweaters, houndstooth anything, corduroy skirts and dresses and turtlenecks.










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