Trending: Hair Accessories

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with hair accessories: gold hair pins, scrunchies, hair scarves, you name it. And it seems like the rest of the world, according to social media and what I’m seeing in stores, is obsessed too.

For the longest time, I never wore anything in my hair. The most I would do was a ponytail, if I didn’t feel like dealing with having my hair around my face. But now I’m starting to get creative with my hair, which is way more fun (and looks more put together, too). It’s the little details, you know? Maybe next I’ll actually learn how to curl my hair with a straightener.

So here I am, talking about my fave hair accessories as we transition to fall. I’m really excited to see headbands come back, since I used to wear them all the time when I was a kid (can I still pull them off, though? We will see).

Scrunchies. Scrunchies are making a huge comeback this year. Popular ones include velvet, prints such as cheetah, houndstooth and dark florals, and bow scrunchies. I was resistant to this trend at first, but I now love them.


Knotted headbands. These are way cuter than I thought at first, too.  The knot adds a fun touch and little bit of texture, especially if your hair is already straight. Keep an eye out this fall for satin and velvet, along with cheetah print, stripes and jewel tones.

Where to find them:


Hair scarves. I’m a big har scarf fan. I tend to stick to bandana-sized ones, that can double as a pop of color on a purse or around your neck. For hair scarves, I add them to a ponytail or a half updo, or whatever you call it. They look great with gold hoops.

Where to find them: Madewell, Forever 21,


Barrettes in fun colors. I’ve been seeing these hair clips all over Instagram lately, and bought one for myself a few weeks ago. I like the marble looks in pastel and darker colors. The metallic ones are also cute.

Where to find them:

Gold hair clips and hair pins. I love gold everything, so gold hair accessories were a no-brainer. Hair pins in abstract shapes are currently my go-to.

Where to find them:


Tortoise hair clips and headbands. There are an abundance of these in the J. Crew store I work at. I haven’t seen this style since the early 2000s, and I don’t see them going away any time soon. They’re a nice neutreul, and will go with nearly any outfit.

Pearl hair clips and hair pins. My next hair accessory on my list to buy is pearl hair clips. I think they’re really cute, and add some nice texture. I’ve been seeing them everywhere, which just makes me want to try them out more.

Anyway, that’s a few trends I’ve really been into and I’m excited to see what’s coming next.




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