Five Fall Weekend Outfits

Personal style has always been one of my favorite ways to express creativity, plus a great outfit never fails to make me feel confident. Instagram is a great way to express this type of creativity, and I’ve been watching several style videos on Instagram lately, and I love them. So, I made my own 30-second video with five different fall outfits perfect for the weekend. I commited the sin of vertical video, since I orginally made it for social and I also can’t figure out a good way to make an entire outfit fit in horizontal video!! But we’re all here to learn, so I’m including the video anyway.

I love using clothes to express myself and how I feel that day. I’ve been like this for as long as I can remember, and nothing has changed. I love the way Pinterest and Instagram has changed the way we look at fashion and styling, but one of my main pet peeves is when 1. influencers only wear pieces that are way too expensive for their audience and 2. when influencers are only concerned with current sales (I could not care less about that big yearly Nordstrom sale, if I’m being honest). Basically, I’m not a fan of when influencers are only trying to sell you something. In reality, most followers want to see outfits they can put together with things already in their closet. I know I get annoyed when I see an influencer wearing some cute sweater only to find out later it’s more than a hundred dollars (and there’s a good chance they got it for free/at a reduced price for posting about it).

Anyway, the weekend allows for way more options and creativity in what you wear, so I wanted to post a few of my favorite options.

Music in video by Ikson.


  1. Date night or nice dinner with friends. Top and bottom from Dry Goods, boots from DSW.



2. Hanging with friends or casual outing. Top from Forever21 (old), jeans from Express, hat from Target, boots from T.J. Maxx.



3. Going to the movies or spending a day at the mall. Top from American Eagle (old), jeans from Express, boots from DSW. Necklaces from Lulu’s.



4. Getting coffee, spending a day downtown. Top from J. Crew Factory (old), jeans from J. Crew, backpack from who knows where (old), heels are old as well.



5. Running errands, getting lunch. Jacket from Pac Sun, jeans the same as above, booties from DSW (old), purse from Kate Spade Outlet (old).


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