2019 Outfit Roundup

2019 – year of the brown leather jacket, wide-brimmed hats, knotted headbands and wide leg jeans. These were my favorite looks from last year, and rounding them up has helped gain a better sense of my personal style and where I want to go with that in 2020.

More and more, I’m being drawn to neutral shades, classic pieces that can go with anything, hair accessories, and looks with bold pops of color. This new year, I’m excited to establish more of a uniform style and use more of the pieces in my closet in new, fresh ways.

In 2020, it’s also important for me to become a conscious consumer of fashion and pay more attention to the materials I buy and where they’re coming from. In order to help with that, I’m going to read The Conscious Closet to gain some insight into the fashion world. I also plan on avoiding fast fashion places such as Shein, Forever21, etc. The fashion industry is a huge contributor to pollution and we all need to be more aware of what we’re buying and why. I’m also making it a resolution of mine to reduce online shopping (retailers use so much plastic when mailing products!!) and reduce shopping of things I don’t need in general. Not only am I hoping this helps me save money, but also help me pay more attention to what/how much I buy.

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