Arizona Photo Round Up

The sun had just began to sink down into the sky when the four of us walked up to Mathers Point to see the Grand Canyon. I could see the tips of the red-orange rock as we walked closer, and my excitement grew.

Laying my eyes upon the Grand Canyon felt like discovering a long-forgetten secret. I didn’t want to look away, for even a second. The setting sun first cast a golden light on the tips of the highest points of the canyon, eventually turning the canyon into shades of pink and dusky purple.

I felt the same amazement the next day at lower antelope canyon in Page, Arizona. As we descended down narrow, steep steps into the canyon, it felt like entering a world within a world. The sunlight that leaked down into the canyon highlighted where the brilliant orange rock had been worn and washed by erosion. At some places in the canyon, it was only a shoulder-width apart. The tour ended with us emerging from a jagged cut in the rock. You would never be able to tell by looking at it the different twists and turns it hid underneath.

Everywhere we drove, I was struck by the beauty of Arizona. The colors in the landscape were unlike anything I would ever see in Iowa.

Below, I have included my favorite photos from my quick weekend trip to Arizona two weeks ago! I will be posting a packing list for going to the Grand Canyon in the winter soon so keep an eye out!


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