How to Wear Wide Leg Jeans

Oof, I have not written a blog post in a long time. With the combined pressures of quarantine and life changes, I’ve been more focused on other things. Despite all of that, I’ve been using my creativity to take @thegirlinpursuit Instagram to a new level, which I’m pretty proud of.

One of my main reasons for keeping up with this blog and my blog’s Instagram is helping people figure out different ways to wear clothes they already have/trends they might want to try. Last summer, I tried on a pair of cropped wide leg pants and absolutely loved them. I was definitely intimidated at first, but decided to buy them and now I have three pairs of wide leg pants that go with most of my wardrobe.

Cropped wide leg jeans are perfect for season transistions and when you just need that extra “oomph” in a look. Skinny jeans will always be my true jeans love, but it’s good to get out of that comfort zone every now and then.

When styling wide leg jeans, my go-to is pairing a slim-fitting tee or tank top with a structured jacket (think: denim or utility jacket). When it comes to shoes, I love pairing platform sandals, or sandals with a small heel with wide leg pants. A sweater also looks great with wide leg pants.

Think easy and breezy–loose tops work well, as do tucked-in button-up shirts. I love wearing these to work, since they bring an elevated look to your outfit versus regular skinny jeans.

Some ideas:


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