How to Style a Casual Mini Dress

Ah, sundress season. It’s how we wave hello to summer through our clothes. In college, I wore dresses whenever an occassion even remotely called for it. Date night? Dress. Dinner with friends? Dress. It was just so easy to put on a dress and feel put-together without that much hassle.

A versatile dress that can be dressed up or dressed down is a closet staple. You never know when an occassion might call for something nicer, or when you just don’t feel like wearing pants.

Enter this mini dress I found at Abercrombie. It was a neutral color, and I loved the style and fit. Even before buying it I knew it was the versatile piece I was missing from my closet. It was a blank canvas for a multiude of looks and I was ready to experiment. I posted some ideas below to help inspire some different ways to wear a simple dress.

Before buying something, I always try to think of 3-4 ways I can style that piece. I also try to imagine me wearing that piece a year from now. If I don’t think I can match something with multiple other pieces in my closet, I decide to pass. Otherwise, I know I won’t wear it that much, and what’s the point of buying something that won’t get much wear?



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