Gift Guide: Best Book Subscriptions

The best gifts are the ones that keep on giving–which is why a monthly subscription service featuring books makes a great gift for any bookworm in your life.

A lot of these were started by fellow book lovers, who know and understand what readers get excited about, including unique art, special editions, and book-themed goodies.

A few to check out below:


FairyLoot focuses on Young Adult Fantasy, and their book box includes a newly released special edition title and a few book-related things that tie into a different theme every month. Their special editions are gorgeous, and some can be bought separately in the Fairy Trove.


Illumicrate is a monthly subscription service with two options: you can choose to receive only a book every month or to receive the full book box. They sometimes offer special edition books and also have Debut Boxes, which features new debut authors. This service features primarily books in the Fantasy and Sci-Fi genre.

Book of the Month

Book of the Month features mostly Fiction books (aimed for adults). Book of the Month is cool because they give you the option of several different books to choose from every month, with options to buy more than one book or to skip the month completely.

The Picture Book Club

The Picture Book Club is aimed for babies and children (ages 0-7). It makes a great gift for parents and children alike, and of course, encourages an early love of reading.

Fae Crate

Fae Crate is another book box that primarily features Young Adult Fantasy and Sci-Fi novels. It comes with fun book-themed objects that all center around a monthly theme. There’s three subscription options, which provides a little more flexibilty.

OwlCrate and OwlCrate Jr.

OwlCrate is awesome because they have two different options for a wide range of readers. OwlCrate Jr. is aimed for middle school readers (ages 8-12), while the regular OwlCrate version is aimed for ages 14+, featuring Young Adult books (which anyone can read!).

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