Five Fall Weekend Outfits

Personal style has always been one of my favorite ways to express creativity, plus a great outfit never fails to make me feel confident. Instagram is a great way to express this type of creativity, and I’ve been watching several style videos on Instagram lately, and I love them. So, I made my own 30-second […]

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What to Wear: Fall Getaway

We love a fall weekend trip!! If you’re heading out on a quick weekend getaway, here are three outfits meant to inspire your own ideas and/or make your next shopping trip a little easier. I took inspiration from the fall colors that make up our surroundings–marigold and crunchy brown leaves, the October night sky and […]

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Trending: Hair Accessories

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with hair accessories: gold hair pins, scrunchies, hair scarves, you name it. And it seems like the rest of the world, according to social media and what I’m seeing in stores, is obsessed too. For the longest time, I never wore anything in my hair. The most I would do was […]

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Fall Outfit Round Up

My *second favorite* season is nearly officially here. I’m excited to start layering up, but will dearly miss summer days. I’ve got a lot of fun content planned, so make sure to follow me on Instagram @thegirlinpursuit! For a while, posting on Instagram felt more like a job than anything else, but I’m starting to […]

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Road Trip Essentials

I love to be in the car, although not for an extended period of time. Nothing beats staring out the window and listening to music while taking in those highway sights. Since my family lives a decent amount of time away, I now consider myself a road trip expert. Hours spent in the car have […]

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Growing Pains

Ah, post-grad life. The summer (or whatever period of time) after graduating from college is such a weird time. You are thrust into the adult world. You might have an idea of what to expect, but once you’re out in the real world, you realize you couldn’t have anticpiated all of this. Once the joy […]

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Baha Mar Grand Hyatt Review

A little more than a week ago, I came back from the Bahamas and was thinking about what kind of blog posts would be the most helpful to people. I figured a review of the hotel my family and I stayed at could be a good idea–so here we are. First, this hotel is huge. […]

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Bahamas Photo Round Up

There is no shortage of bright colors in the Bahamas. Turqoise water, bright green palm trees and pink houses make up the main colors of the islands. Not to mention sugar-white sand, orange blossoms and the copper lizards scurrying around everywhere. Photographing the Bahamas and downtown Nassau, the capital city, was a dream. Floating in […]

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