What to Pack for the Grand Canyon in the Winter


Hello friends! I know winter is coming to an end, but I figured I would post a winter packing list anyway. If you’re planning on heading to the Grand Canyon in the winter, it can be hard to know what to pack. Also, if you’re thinking of going to the Grand Canyon, I highly recommend going in the winter or toward the end of winter. It’s cheaper to fly to a nearby city, and there are way less tourists.

My friends and I were gifted with beautiful weather while in the park mid-February. There was still snow here and there, and the temperature at night was downright chilly. But I would also be wary of icy and snowy trails while exploring the park in the winter, especially in areas the sun can’t reach.


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Arizona Photo Round Up

The sun had just began to sink down into the sky when the four of us walked up to Mathers Point to see the Grand Canyon. I could see the tips of the red-orange rock as we walked closer, and my excitement grew.

Laying my eyes upon the Grand Canyon felt like discovering a long-forgetten secret. I didn’t want to look away, for even a second. The setting sun first cast a golden light on the tips of the highest points of the canyon, eventually turning the canyon into shades of pink and dusky purple.

I felt the same amazement the next day at lower antelope canyon in Page, Arizona. As we descended down narrow, steep steps into the canyon, it felt like entering a world within a world. The sunlight that leaked down into the canyon highlighted where the brilliant orange rock had been worn and washed by erosion. At some places in the canyon, it was only a shoulder-width apart. The tour ended with us emerging from a jagged cut in the rock. You would never be able to tell by looking at it the different twists and turns it hid underneath.

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What to Wear: Fall Getaway

We love a fall weekend trip!!

If you’re heading out on a quick weekend getaway, here are three outfits meant to inspire your own ideas and/or make your next shopping trip a little easier. I took inspiration from the fall colors that make up our surroundings–marigold and crunchy brown leaves, the October night sky and the gray of a rainy weekday morning.

These are all meant to mix and match as well for different looks:

  1. Instead of a sweater, pair the gray plaid pants with the black turtleneck for something more sleek or dress down with the denim jacket.
  2. Throw the orange-gold sweater on with black jeans. Top with a wide-brimmed black hat or a beanie.
  3. Pair jeans with a navy and white striped top and the leather jacket.
  4. Combine the black turtleneck and wide leg jeans. Throw on a brown leather jacket or denim jacket to combat an evening chill.

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Road Trip Essentials

I love to be in the car, although not for an extended period of time. Nothing beats staring out the window and listening to music while taking in those highway sights. Since my family lives a decent amount of time away, I now consider myself a road trip expert.

Hours spent in the car have way more potential than you think they do, and can be productive, mainly if you’re a passenger. Sitting in the car doesn’t have to be all boring, so I’ve made a list of road trip essentials and some of my favorite things to do to stay entertained.

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Baha Mar Grand Hyatt Review

A little more than a week ago, I came back from the Bahamas and was thinking about what kind of blog posts would be the most helpful to people. I figured a review of the hotel my family and I stayed at could be a good idea–so here we are.

First, this hotel is huge. There is the Grand Hyatt, with two buildings (east and west), then Baha Mar SLS and Baha Mar Rosewood, two hotels hanging out on each side of the Grand Hyatt. There are a ton of pools scattered around the grounds, plus restaurants, both in the hotel and close to the beach. There is also a pier leading off the beach, where you might see a few boats docked on the turquoise waters.

First, let’s start with the positives.

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Bahamas Photo Round Up

There is no shortage of bright colors in the Bahamas. Turqoise water, bright green palm trees and pink houses make up the main colors of the islands. Not to mention sugar-white sand, orange blossoms and the copper lizards scurrying around everywhere.

Photographing the Bahamas and downtown Nassau, the capital city, was a dream. Floating in aqua waters while watching palm trees sway in the breeze was enough to set me at ease for a little bit.

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What to Expect in the Bahamas

the girl in pursuit.png

The Bahamas are beautiful, but there are a few things to think about before flying south (or north, depending on where you are, I guess!). I recently arrived back home after a family trip, and I loved getting to learn more about a new country and even celebrate their Independance Day while we were there.

For reference, we were on New Providence Island, near Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas.

Before heading to the islands, here’s what you need to know:

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What to Pack for a Week in the Bahamas

What to pack for a week in the bahamas

There is something enjoyable about packing to me. I’m not sure what it is that I love about it so much–making the list, checking things off as I go, or the action of packing itself. But packing is always something I look forward to when going on a trip.

This time is no different, of course.

I’ve been privileged to travel with my family, even out of the country in recent years. We’ve stuck mostly to tropical places not too far from us–Turks and Caicos and Mexico. The older I get, the more I treasure these times because I know with being a Real Adult now, we’ll have less opportunities to get together.

This year, we’re heading to Nassau in the Bahamas. I’m so excited, because I love the ocean and just getting to be by it, and of course, I can’t wait to travel again and take photos of the islands.

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Where to Go in Atlanta, Georgia

Ah, Atlanta. City of street art, Coca-Cola and good food. I loved my time here, back in March. It’s taken me *forever* to get around to creating this post, but I always love looking back on my time here.

What you need to know before traveling to Atlanta:

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Packing for Atlanta, Georgia in the Spring

Atlanta is beautiful in the spring. I was there in late March, and we had sunny days in the high 50s and 60s. We were lucky with the great weather, but it does get rainy in the spring down south.

This packing list depends on what you’re trying to do while you’re there, also. Either way, bring a good pair of walking shoes.

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