What to Wear: Summer Date Night

I don’t know about you, but when a date night comes around I think way too much about what I’m going to wear. Staring at my closet for a solid ten minutes without coming up with any solutions is where I usually seem to end up.

For summer, my go-to is a sundress and nice sandals or heels that are easy to walk in. Here’s one dress that I wear often and is perfect for a dinner out. I bought it last year from Hollister, on sale, but here are a few others that are similar from Target, Forever 21and LuLu’s.








Bracelets from Alex and Ani, purse from Kate Spade Factory.

Photos taken by Maddi Burns.

How to Shop Smarter as a College Student

Get the messy look just right

All of us “poor” college students know that money can get pretty tight between dinners downtown and Friday night outings. On a more serious note, textbooks, study abroad payments, and groceries are also important and costly expenses that can really suck a girl’s bank account dry.

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Dresses That College Women Should Have in Their Closet

Dresses (1)

Personally, I love dresses. They take less effort in the morning but look like you put a lot of thought into your outfit. And in college, there’s going to be some events you have to dress up for, and there’s no harm in being prepared.

Here are the dresses you already want to own as a college student.

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The One With the Maroon Socks

It’s taken me a while to post these, but with the weather finally getting warmer, I figured I should post some pictures with a dress in it (another post on dresses coming soon).

This past semester has been crazy busy – I don’t think I’ve ever been so stressed out in my life. But I’ve also learned a ton, like how journalism is definitely what I want to do as a career (most likely heading into investigative journalism), how I can incorporate fashion into my career (blogging) and that I could probably work on my personal relationships more. The end is near, and I’m excited for this summer, since I’ll have my news reporting internship and get to work on my second book a lot more. But before that, I still have a few weeks left of this semester, so time to finish strong.

Meanwhile, check out this outfit that’s good for the constantly changing spring weather.

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Pink and Denim

It might be spring break, but it still feels like winter. And when it still feels like winter, you should probably wear a lot of layers, especially if you live in the Midwest.

I was freezing when my sister took these pictures. I was trying to pretend it actually felt like spring, but it didn’t work. Anyway, I found this vest not too long ago online at J. Crew Factory. It was on sale and only $34.99 (which I’m still excited about).


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