Senior Year Part One Reflection

I’m now halfway through my senior year, with one more semester to get through before entering the real world and paying off student loans until I’m 40. Really though, this past semester challenged me in many ways, and I’m definitely a different person coming out on the other side. I feel like this semester was […]

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In Pursuit: Staying Organized

Life is a mess, so it’s important to try and have some sense of order. As someone with a Type A personality, being organized is super important. I write everything in my planner. I color code things. My closet has gone through several re-organizing sessions – I’ve ordered them by color, type and sleeve length. […]

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Packing for College Like a Pro

I remember feeling overwhelmed when faced with packing for my first year of college. You don’t realize how much stuff you actually need for your dorm until you’re in your dorm, frantically looking for the one thing you forgot to bring. So, I tried to make it easier on all you incoming freshman, or college […]

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