What’s in My Bag

I can be gone on school days for hours, so I always make sure I have everything I may need for the day in my backpack. I hate forgetting things, especially if I have a long day ahead of me. I’m always making lists of what I need to bring with me and leaving sticky […]

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Senior Year Part One Reflection

I’m now halfway through my senior year, with one more semester to get through before entering the real world and paying off student loans until I’m 40. Really though, this past semester challenged me in many ways, and I’m definitely a different person coming out on the other side. I feel like this semester was […]

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Improving Your Night Routine

Since I am not a morning person, which was established in my recent blog post about my morning routine, I do more at night to prepare for the next day (or if it’s Sunday, for the next week). During the summer, I’m a lot more lax about my night routine, but during the school year, […]

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Winter Photography Roundup

Winter may not be over yet, but I had too many cool pictures to share, so I rounded up my favorite photos I’ve taken so far this winter. Most of my photos are from my adventures in Spain and Portugal, while some are senior photos I took in snowy weather for one of my close […]

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Fruit Punch and Plaid

Red has been one of my favorite colors for a long time, and I love wearing bright colors during the winter (tbh, I love wearing bright colors all the time). This sweater is perfect for layering and also from American Eagle (there’s not a lot of sizes left). It runs a little big so I recommend […]

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Home for the Holidays

Here it is, holiday outfit number three. This is one of my absolute favorite sweaters, I got it some time ago from Dry Goods and have worn it a ton of times since then. Paired with a fresh haircut and leggings in my favorite color, and I’m good to go. Also, this outfit for the […]

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