Autumn Photography Roundup

It’s been forever since I’ve posted anything, thanks to the stress of school, work and extracurriculars. This has been one of the busiest, most stressful semesters, but also one of my wildest, most fun semesters (semester reflection coming soon, so I’ll save more for that).

Photography is still one of my passions, and I’ve had the opportunity to focus more on nature/travel photography more this semester. One thing I’ve been trying to get in the habit of is bringing my camera with me more. That way I can get more practice even if what I’m taking pictures of isn’t as good as I want them to be.

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Fun Things to Do in Cancun, Mexico

Fun things to do

Both of my blog posts last week were about Mexico, but I love writing about travel-related things, so here’s another one.

There’s so many things to do in the Quintana Roo are (where many popular tourist destinations in Mexico are!). I actually felt that my family could have stayed longer, but I guess this just means we’ll have to go back one day (wink, wink).

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Snapshots from Mexico

Even though I’ve been back home for nearly a week already, I’m still missing my time in Cancún, Mexico. I love traveling, and Mexico makes the third country I’ve been to this year (which is exciting!). I’ve been feeling the urge to just go and travel a lot more lately, and I’m chalking that up to my looming college graduation date. Even though it’s a long way off, it’s making me realize that there isn’t a whole lot of time left before I will really have to watch my spending, which means not being able to travel as much.

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What to Expect in Cancun, Mexico

the girl in pursuit (1)

I recently got back from a family vacation in Cancún, Mexico. Cancún is beautiful, and most of the people we encountered were really kind and welcoming. It was definitely different than the U.S. in the way that you could turn to any stranger beside you and have a conversation, where here in the states most people usually ignore you. It didn’t hurt that my mom can speak fluent Spanish either.

If you’re preparing to go to Mexico soon, I’ve come up with some travel tips that should help.

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Where to Go in Nashville

Where to Go in Nashville

There’s a ton of cool things to do in Nashville, Tennessee. From spending time outside in a state park to hitting up Broadway at night, you won’t easily get bored.

There’s also plenty of free things to do too, which is perfect for people traveling on a tight budget, like my friends and I did.

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What to Pack for a Long Summer Weekend in Nashville

nashville packing


I recently went on a trip with my high school friends to Nashville, Tennessee, and we all had a blast. Seeing a new place is always fun, and so is packing for one. Well, at least I think it is. I might be kind of crazy because I actually love to pack for trips.

Which is why I created this blog post on what to pack for a long weekend in Nashville. We stayed four nights and three days, which was a good amount of time to explore the city.

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The Summer Guide to Weekend Trips to Take From the Chicagoland Area

Summer Guide to Weekend Trips

I love to travel, but I don’t have the means to go all of these faraway destinations all the time. Living in the suburbs during my summer breaks at home gets repetitive, since there’s not a whole lot to do. But I am fortunate to live in an area where there are a couple of places to spend a nice weekend. I’ve rounded up a few places, some that I’ve been to, and some that I’ve heard of as being good weekend spots.

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Where to Visit in Des Moines

where to go (1)

I’ve been in Des Moines pretty consistently for about two and a half years now, and that’s given me some time to find great places to hang out and eat around the city.

Des Moines is on the rise, and even though it’s a pretty small city, there’s still some fun things to do, especially downtown. So I’ve compiled a list of the favorite places I’ve been to, as well as a few places I haven’t been to.

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Winter Photography Roundup

Winter may not be over yet, but I had too many cool pictures to share, so I rounded up my favorite photos I’ve taken so far this winter.

Most of my photos are from my adventures in Spain and Portugal, while some are senior photos I took in snowy weather for one of my close friends, as well as a few random photos thrown in here and there.

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What to Expect When Traveling to Spain

What to Expect

While there are many different regions of Spain, and they all have their own differences, I decided to write a post about what to expect when traveling to Spain. I just arrived back home not too long ago from studying abroad in Portugal and Spain for two weeks, and it was an amazing experience that’s provided some inspiration.

In Spain, I visited Huelva, Seville, Puente Genil and Madrid. Spain is beautiful, and I will never forget seeing snowcapped mountains stretching up into the mist while traveling from city to city, or the winding, narrow streets crowded with colorful buildings.

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